Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This Always Cheers Me Up ❤

❤ Rockabilly ❤

How To Create Rockabilly Look and Make Up?

Rockabilly Chicks - they look stunning, like little porcelain dolls, but with a deadly edge. I love this look, it's very flattering and girly. And it's all about curves! Welcome back curvy figures :) Rockabilly Chick loves super skinny jeans, red and black combinationas, quirky dresses, platform shoes and little accessories in her hair. How can you possibly ressist that look? Think 40s working wonder women posters and you're in the subject.

First, the make-up: it's all about porcelain complexion, strong eye make-up and red dominant lips - Rockabilly Chick knows what she wants from her look! 

Before you start, moisturize thoroughly your face and neck, so the make-up sticks for longer. For the flawless complexion, use foundation with good cover - eg. L'oreal in your natural skin tone, and put it evenly on your face, eye-lids, and partly on your neck - to mix with your skin. You don't want to look like wearing mask, right? Now, apply loose powder all over your face and neck, and for pale porcelain skin, use one 1 - 2 tones lighter than your skin tone.

Now, the eyes - create one thick line along the upper lashes. Make sure to dab it from the inner part to the outer. Also, stick to the lash line whe doing this - just don't over-do it :) Little tip: put the loose powder as the base so the pencil won't smear by the end of the day. Leave the the lower eye-lid bare, for ultimate vintage look.

Mascara is now your best friend - get one for extra long lashes (eg. L'oreal), rather than thickenning one, to achieve the ultimate girly, lolita look. Apply two coats of black mascara - just on the ends - and be careful not to clump the lashes together.

Lips - they need to be of strong color - no doubt about it, dark red, dark pink, any shade is good as soon as it's bold and strong. Get soft lip pencil to contour your lips, and then fill with a lipstick. Remember to use similar shades of lip pencil and lipstick, with a lipstick 1 - 2 tones lighter. We know - not everyone likes dark lips, so don't force yourself - it should be natural how you look and feel, if you prefer delicate lip gloss, it's fine, just make sure it all 'works' together ;)

Hair is very important for Rockabilly Chick - and we are talking about strong hair color - platinum blond, dark red or devilish black - and forget about hair extensions! This look is not about the siren waves and highlights, we're talking bold, shocking styles and electric combinations. The ideal length is to your arms, with curly ends, close to your head. Fringes are back - short, curly, and very cute! Create the dolly-lolly locks with curling iron - it's your new best friend ;) Use plenty of hair-pins to team up your hair - put a hair-band or Paisley Bandana, if necessary. Have the hairspray ready for the total control of your hair. Crown your head with some funky red / blue hair clips and you're done!

Remember - it's fun, quirky look - it's colorful, and trendy. If dolly dresses are not your type of pie, don't worry - go for funky chess shirts (tie them at the front ;), super sexy skinny jeans, and animal print - as always in! Converse are also perfect with Rockabilly Chick look ;)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Taller Than Trees

This band are unreal!! (just a little bias) If you love the sound of Comeback Kid, mixed with a bit of Bane with the added package of lyrics about zombies and questionable sex....these are for you!!!! 

There EP is now available for FREE download, so no excuses not to check them out!! 

The EP has only been released for a few months with that said the one and only METAL HAMMER magazine featured them on podcast (26.48) 

Taller Than Trees are a hardcore rock band from Middlesbrough, after immediately causing an attraction in their local area the boys are now set on wooing over the North East and eventually, the world. Forming last year, they were quick to bring out an EP in February 2012. Including 5 tracks: 40 Sex, The Wet Heat, Running On Plenty, You Best Play Dead and Rule #1 Cardio.

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Paul Gent (Vocals)
James Spence (Drums)
Johnny Reardon (Guitar)
Craig Brudenell (Guitar)
Ben Leighton (Bass)

Something A Little Different ♥

This post goes out to 'Something A Little Different' I'm sick of seeing a new ozone layer of fake tan or stank galore (adj.) The quality of being whorish and/or trashy or the appearance of bearing said quality. So I thought I'd post some pictures of people who are not harsh on the eyes and actually aren't afraid to be different. Enjoy!!!!! 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Jime Litwalk

I'm currently in the process of having a sleeve done, I'm a big fan of cartoon style tattoos. I finally found an artist whose artwork is colourful, unique and inspiring! Jime Litwalk tattooing style is one of the best I've ever come across that's why I decided to have a sleeve of his artwork.

This was taken just after I'd sat for 6 hours having it done, OUCH!!!

The next one I'm having done on my forearms.